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Monthly Archive: November 2017

Crimes That Are Increasing In The Society.

At present the rates of crimes are increasing day by day. The major reason for this could be said as the development in modern technology and the increasing standard of life. The old society was built on a foundation full of norms and cultures that practiced good habits and preached well. However, the modern society is more of violent and arrogant individuals. Researches show that the different attitudes and mentalities in the society contributes directly in creating criminals at present. There are many reasons for crimes to increase and criminals to be born.

What are the major crimes at present?

With the advancement in technology and with the development of computers and mobiles phones, the rate of cybercrimes has hit the roof. Cybercrimes takes through the internet. A person committing such a crime is known as a hacker as he signs into personal information and data of another individual or a company without their knowledge about it. These hackers then steal important company information of personal information such as bank account details and rob the victim via the internet. The governments have however introduced the cyber insurance policy to protect such affected victims.However, cyber insurance are claimed to take advantages of these situations and has increased their policy prices and conditions. This could also be called as a crime as they rob from companies and people unnecessarily just to develop their business.

Increase in the number of theft and robbery.

There is also an increase in the rate of theft and robbery than that of the past. Due to industrialization there came the development in technology. Due to this, employers sacked many of their workers as they used the help of machinery to complete their work. This resulted in the rise of unemployment, thereby causing poverty to many workers and to their families who depend on them. Finding another job is also not an easy thing. Therefore, criminals look at the easiest route to earn money which is by stealing another’s property or possessions.

Murder and other violence’s.

Young children to grown up adults are more violent and aggressive. Even the slightest misunderstanding between two individuals end up in a big fight and causes losses to one’s life. There are also many public shooting incidents in the society at present. The major cause for such violence to prevail in the society at present is the change of life style of people. People are modernized and extremely socialize to the extent where there are increase in number of divorces, and single parenthood. These can cause adverse effects in the mind of the children who are growing in such families with issues, making them violent and aggressive individuals.