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Human beings are capable of a lot of things, and if they really set their heart into something, they’ll do extremely well. They’ve all got huge amounts of potential and creativity inside them; they just need a little push in the correct direction. They also need to know how to utilize them in the proper way, too. There’s so much one person can achieve if they make the effort to do so, and it would multiply if a whole group of individuals did the same thing. This group of individuals would probably make a lot of positive changes around the world if they had the motive and motivation. Expectations will obviously run high, and there would be a lot of pressure on this particular group, as well. One important lesson people need to learn is how to not crack under any sort of pressure you receive, because if you do, nothing good will come of it. Growing up, pressure has always been a part of everyone’s lives; from having to get good grades in school, cope with the loads of homework, and studying for exams. Sometimes pressure is good, but there are limits.

Something that’s become quite apparent is the fact that most students are expected to go for the science and reliable math streams, and choose a career path that somewhat leads in that path. They get a lot of pressure from their parents to do math or science as it’s what everyone does and what people have always done.

It’s weird how parents seem to think that if someone does math or science you’ll do well academically and career wise, too. They’ve always had that idea that you’ll do exceptionally and earn a huge amount of money. The issue here is that this clearly shows how narrow-minded some people are to think such things. They don’t even stop to consider what their own child would want to do, because in the end it’s their life. What’s stupid is that they automatically assume that they’d want to go through with science or math. However it’s a totally different story if someone actually likes science or math; pursuing it for your future career could land you a position like tax agent.Yet for someone to like math will always be a mystery. Being a tax accountant Werribee is bound to get you paid huge amounts of cash.Although, math isn’t something that is suitable for everyone out there, as we all have our own likes and dislikes, so it depends on that, too.